Alcohol And Substance Abuse Counseling Essay

773 Words Feb 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Substance abuse and addiction has become so common that almost every individual has been or will be affected by its consequences. Substance abuse and addiction does not only affect the individual directly battling with it, but also impacts the lives of many others. Alcohol and substance abuse counseling is a career path that has interested me due to my personal experiences associated with alcohol and substance abuse. There are many different people battling with alcohol and substance abuse who all require unique treatment. An effective treatment for one individual will not always meet the requirements of another individual’s needs. The field of alcohol and substance abuse counseling has recognized that different individuals require different forms of treatment in order to meet certain needs. In order to meet such a wide range of needs, alcohol and substance abuse counselors must possess an extensive variety of skills and knowledge. Although they vary by state, many states have established education credentialing standards in order to become a certified addictions counselor (Burger 260). These standards typically include specialized coursework and documented administered field experience (Burger 260). The necessary knowledge and experience needed to obtain an occupation within this career path can be gained through state-approved training programs. Within these programs, individuals will gain insight on the various theories of addiction, the behavioral, social, physical,…

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