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Fishing is important in Alaska since the Bering Sea and North Pacific salmon, cod, pollock and crab are obtained. Alaska fishing offers the most jobs, and ranks second in revenue after oil. Besides being the main staple in many homes, several areas of Alaska. Fishing in Alaska, for 1990, he went through one of the worst moments, when the shortage of fish began. Hundreds of fishermen were traveling each year for the fishing season, as it was a very lucrative for each business. There was times that each fisherman earning between three hundred and five hundred dollars a day, which was good for anglers. After about three months sacrificing fishing, they come home with enough money. In the past five years, Chinook salmon from Alaska began to disappear …show more content…
Salmon Chinook or King salmon is the world 's largest, with an average size of about 25 kilos salmon. The Sockeye salmon or sockeye salmon is the most commercial of Pacific salmon, for large quantities return to the rivers each year and his cherished and tasty red meat. This salmon has an average weight of 4 to 5 kilos. Silver or Coho (co-jo) salmon is the most combative of all. They are awesome fighters that delight the fisherman with his acrobatics. They also have an average weight of around 5 kilos. Enter the rivers of Alaska in smaller quantities, mainly in August and September, after large inflows of sockeye. Chum or Dog, salmon is perhaps the ugliest salmon and probably most maligned of all. There are two explanations given Alaskans about the reason for its name, the first is that their meat is so bad that only serves to dog food and in fact, traditionally the Eskimos feed their sled dogs with this salmon, the second is that after a while in fresh water, this salmon is transformed acquiring a multicolored spots in the form of bands and he forms a pointed snout with crooked teeth reminiscent something snout of a Pekinese dog. Nevertheless, it is a fabulous sport fish just entered the river. Pink salmon is salmon of less interest to the sport fisherman. It is the smallest of all, experiencing a rapid deterioration from the moment that comes into contact with fresh water. They are neither fish nor good fun to

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