Alagu Pandian Investment Report

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Investment and savings form an important part in individuals life. Today various investment opportunities are available to the investors for investment, the money invested by the individual also act as a driver for growth of the country. The Indian financial system has shown a tremendous growth over the year, it is growing at a rate of 8.5%, the growing financial market has increased the options available for investment. With so many options in hand an investor has to make difficult decision on where to invest so as to get maximum benefits, the decision include uncertainity of return also known as risk acceptance. Economic well-being of any person in the long run depends extensively on how intelligently or foolishly he/she invest. One of the vital reasons why one needs to invest sensibly is to meet up the cost of inflation. The report tries to determine investors’ investment behavior and their preferences in investment along with their risk taking capacity, it also tries to find out investors awareness about various products. Investor’s Investment behavior will present us with a way to precisely measure what the investors think about the different products and services
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Thangadurai The foremost features of any investment are safety of the amount invested, stable income, liquidity, interest amount and easy transferability. A variety of investment options are available such as shares, bank, postal savings, derivatives etc. The investors basically invest their excess wealth in the various options available based on their risk taking capacity. The investment management states that without pain there will be no gain . In this fast growing and continuous changing economy, we can increase our wealth only when we are ready to take risk i.e more the risk more will be profit. Investors cannot evade risk but the risk can be minimized by investing the money in different options available rather than parking the whole money in one

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