Al Ghazali And Islamic Laws And Theology Essay example

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Abu Hamid Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Ghazali, commonly shortened as just Al-Ghazali, was a late-11th century Persian Muslim theologian, jurist, philosopher and mystic. Al-Ghazali was born around the year 1058, in the ancient Persian city of Tus, then a part of the medieval Seljuk Empire. Al-Ghazali grew up and studied in Tus. By his early adulthood, he was a student under prominent theologian al-Juwayni in Nishapur for about eight years. During his adulthood, Al-Ghazali wrote many important texts on Islamic laws and theology, many of which are still utilized today. His early works achieved him recognition and earned him a position as a professor in Baghdad. Al-Ghazali would lecture and teach Shafi’i law there from 1091-1095. In that year, he left this position and became reclusive. He would spend the next decade traveling, visiting important cities such as Damascus and Jerusalem, while also embracing Sufi ideals. He continued to write even during this time, with many of his works focusing on jurisprudence and theology. When he returned to teaching in 1106, Al-Ghazali spent his time trying to combine aspects of theology, philosophy, jurisprudence, and Sufism to better teach Muslim practice and beliefs. He would retire once again and return to Tus in 1110, where he composed Counsel for Kings, before dying there in 1111 at the age of 53. Counsel for Kings is one of many of Al-Ghazali’s works that are highly recognized and praised in the Islamic world. In Counsel for Kings,…

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