Akhila Character Analysis

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According to Freud, personality is a kind of arena in which what a person wants to do (instinct i.e. Id) conflicts with what he has learnt he should do (morality as represented by Super Ego) and where reconciliation is made and compromise arrived at (by Ego). (8)
Akhila is the one who lives her life to fulfil the dreams of her family. The Super Ego of Akhila made her to create her own life for social status. Not only Akhila but also other women, Sheela and Marikolanthu in the comportment live their life for the sake of their family. But now they started to design their own life without the interference of others. Marikolanthu is merely like Akhila because she spend her most of her life for the goodness of others. But her innocence was
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Her life is like Akhila, she went to job in Chettiar’s House after the death of her father to support the family financially. From the Chettiar house they send her to Vellore and there she understands what life is. Her one wrong move changes the whole situation and future of her life. If she heard the words of her mother the violent will not happen for her. In the beginning she lives her for the happiness of others. Super Ego in her made her mind to live her life for the other especially for her son Muthu. She is not married but she has a son. She is afraid to face the society with her son. Marikolanthu decided to face the society with her son she made the correct decision; she made the decision for her own life and for her and her son’s sake. Sheela is the fourteen year old girl in the compartment. She was the one who want to live as by her own wish and she got this inspiration from the life style of her grandmother. Super Ego in Sheela forces her to make the wish by her …show more content…
Their only wish is to make her family and surroundings to be happy with her presence. They are very affectionate to their family and their innocence and affection was sometime used wrongly by others. Society considers them as a weak and voiceless gender, society and even their own family uses the weakness of the women. But women trust them and that leads to the stress. Women sacrifice many things for the goodness of the family. The loss of one’s own identity and too much of sacrifice will leads to the loss of originality in them. And the pathetic condition is that the women cannot get over from it. Women cannot able to adopt the changes of this changing modern world. The researcher saw many traces of this social and existential problem in the novel Ladies Coupe. One important thing in this is many women are still remains unmarried by serving for her own family. Some become the prey to the some sex animal and the whole fortune of them will be ruined. Online article India Celebrating discuss the problems of the women in India “Women in the Indian society generally face problems of sex discrimination, high percentage of illiteracy, female infanticide, dowry system,

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