Aircraft Solution Se571 Course Project Essay

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Sumanth Bobba
TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 3 2. Company Overview 3 3. Security Weakness 3 a. Hardware Vulnerabilities 3 b. Software Vulnerabilities 5 4. Recommended Solutions 7 a. Hardware 7 i. Impact on business 8 b. Software 9 i. Impact on business 10 5. Summary 10 6. References 11

This report is prepared to assist the aircraft solutions (AS), a well-known company for equipment and component fabrication in Southern California, in identifying the most important security vulnerabilities. This report also discusses possible threats, the likelihood of the threats occurring
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If the hackers or attackers find the en ports, they can access the system of AS without any authorization. If this happens all the operations of AS should be held and comes to standstill. The significance of the threat happening is high and consequences associated with it are severe. There is a possibility that their system might crash if this happens. If the system crashes, it will take long time to recover the information and takes a lot of budget required to set things right. This creates a financial drift in the company making the company lose its reputation in public.

Software Vulnerabilities
The main problems in software grounds are; 1. No proper records on the equipment installed and components purchased. 2. Installation of unsecured software on the system. 3. No replication of data. 4. Adoption of third party software vendors.
The records of the AS show us the equipment installed, components purchased and software being used presently which has a marginal difference when compared on the onsite work plant. There are no records on the add on applications purchased to run the systems in AS. This leads to improper functioning of the systems in AS. This also leads to a threat where the employees can use this system for personal use making the system exposed to the outer world. If this happens, there might be an outside chance for the company’s rivals know about

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