Essay about Air Party Canada Ltd.

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Air party Canada Ltd. is a Canadian low-cost carrier that has recently approached the transport aircraft market.
Founded in 2014, it is currently one of the last Canadian air carrier.
Air party Canada is a private company with around 1,000 employees, is non-unionized and is not part of any airline alliance. It operates one Airbus A330-300.
The airline 's headquarters is located near to Toronto Billy Bishop national Airport, which also serves as its hub.
AirPartyCanada has earned in his first six month of activity $1 billion (CAD) (2014) and reported six-month earnings per share of C$0.70 per share.


Our company can’t and don’t strive to compete with larger Canadian or American carriers because it’a a private company with average 1/3 of the budget of a bigger company.
Having faced the carrier market recently with a small budget coming from private network, it is going to offer some fixed route with a low cost service, within the Canadian territory.
The idea was born observing that the price of a tickets of a domestic flight in Canada have a cost by far more expensive if comparing to flights of the same distance operated in US or even intercontinental flights.
After a deeper analysis, our market analysts have concluded that the high cost of internal flights in Canada is due to manly the airport taxes and the high wages of Canadian workers.
In this context, a low cost company can compete with Canadian or US multinationals or flag carriers, with a much higher…

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