Air Conditioning As An Essential Essay

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Air Conditioning as an Essential
The question of which items “you cannot live without” is usually hyperbole and meant to elicit answers that touch more upon desires or impulses rather than necessities. Even in this assignment, exaggeration is the expected outcome. This is because answers such as food, water, air, or shelter are factual statements that can stand on their own without explanation because everyone knows they are necessary for life to continue. My answer however is not hyperbole, nor is it so obvious as to stand without need of explanation. I cannot live without air conditioning. In the extreme case of long-term deprivation, the statement can eventually be literal.
While many might see air conditioning as a “luxury,” one of the byproducts of its usage during summer months includes better sleep. According to Sleep Medicine Review, “Sleepiness and sleep propensity are strongly influenced by our circadian clock as indicated by many circadian rhythms, most commonly by that of core body temperature” (Lack, et al. 317). The term circadian comes from the conjunction of two Latin words which translates roughly into “about a day”, thus it refers to a twenty-four hour cycle. A “circadian rhythm” is simply the biological cycles during a day, such as sleep or hunger. The air temperature for optimal sleep is approximately sixty-eight degrees because it helps to drop the core body temperature into the appropriate range. I use the word range because the optimal…

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