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INTRODUCTION TO MY ASSIGNMENT. In this assignment aims and objectives of five different businesses will be looked at. I will also be writing a report at purposes of a business if they’re growing? Surviving? Selling things? Or services? And finally providing a detailed study of one of the businesses. If it is meeting its aims and objectives or not, making a judgement overall by using evidences to back up my findings.

P2: A report to describe the purpose of setting aims and objectives for different businesses.

1. GRANT THORNTON: It is a for profit making company. Their aim is to offer services like award winning audit, tax and specialist advisory services to privately held businesses public interest entities
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It has got different websites in different parts of England such as NHS Scotland, NHS Northern Island etc.

4. BHF (British Heart Foundation) : . Its purpose is to raise money and sell second hand items that goes to prevent heart diseases. Also it is a not for profit voluntary organization. The BHF is internationally well known in the UK. Its got its Head office in London and the Head Quarters in Surrey. It deals with over one million patients every 36 hours.

5. TRESHAM: Tresham is a college for further and higher education with campuses in Corby, Kettering and Wellingborough in Northamptonshire. As a further education college Tresham offers a range of full time courses for school leavers. It focuses on teaching excellent academic and vocational courses to learners. It offers part time courses to learners.

M1:Aims and Objectives of m businesses above


The aim is to offer services such as award winning audit, tax and specialist advisory services, Business risk services etc. However their main aim is to make profits for partners.
They look after charities and mot for profit organisations. They also do the accounts for PLC companies.

To make their customers happy with their purchase. They make profit for shareholders.
To provide products such as lenses and spectacles, not only that but provide services such as eye

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