How Does Adolf Loos Influence Modern Architecture

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Introduction Adolf Loos and Le Corbusier were two of the world's leading pioneers in architecture and the most influential European theorists and critics of Modern architecture. Loos' most known writing was "Ornament and Crime," which encouraged the removal of decoration and the use of smooth and clear surfaces, in contrast to the lavish decorations that appeared at that time. His white stripped-down buildings influenced minimal massing in modern architecture and expressed lack of ornamentation, a crime that he thought would waste the craftsmen' time and skills. However, Loos did use natural patterns and textures in interiors, but these patterns were mostly organic instead of superfluous decoration. One of Le Corbusier's most known published work was "L'Esprit Nouveau," a journal of architecture that contributed to the theory of art and exposed firms and furniture manufacturers. He was also known for his theories and ideas such as the "Five Points of Architecture," the "Modulor," "The Open Hand," and the "Dom-ino House" which was a prototype open floor plan structure that was proposed for mass housing.
Adolf Loos Adolf Loos was born in Moravia in 1870 and was the son of a stonemason. During his study in the United States he became
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He also tries to raise awareness about the disregard of "artistic design" in the products of "L'Esprit Nouveau." Moreover, he considered the good product to be the standard type, and believed that the form isn't a result of an industrial revolution but a decision made based on

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