Agricultural Crisis : Development Constraints And Policy Problems

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Agricultural Crisis in SSA: Development constraints and Policy problems (Morgan & Solarz, 1993) Fall in food production due to conflict and drought; limited mechanization; land tenure problems; lack of capital to purchase inputs; lack of government financial support; high taxation of food crops; low food prices; cheap food imports; food aid; world recession; declining agriculture terms of trade
Agribusiness in Africa (Dinham & Hines, 1984) Capital intensive and unaffordable to African farmer; Small holder depends on the farm as the only source of income; low level of education and skills; Multinationals own and control both backward and forward linkages and value profit maximization rather than welfare of the small holder; lack of value addition of crops causing declining terms of trade; cheap imports depressing locally produced crops
Patterns and Trends in Food Staples Markets in Eastern and Southern Africa(Jayne et al., 2010) Shrinking agriculture size as population increases ; low technology agriculture; rain fed agriculture unpredictable due to climate change; dependence on a single growing season; lack of infrastructure and market information reducing bargaining power of small holders
Realizing the Potential of African Agriculture(Rockefeller a, 2013) Lack of access to finance; perishability of crops before reaching markets; Farmers are scattered and difficult to provide extension services; lack of roads from farms to markets; import cartels oppose local value addition…

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