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Developing Countries
Many people confuse the term of developing nation and third world country. Some countries have a more developed economic system, but that does not mean it is a third world country. Other people try to use these terms as a ranking scheme for the states of developing countries according to the One World Nations page. The web page describes a third world country as “country is a country in which the predominant culture and society is made up of mostly minority groups and where poverty is abundant”. The only difference between a developing country and a third world country is the ability or the chance the country has to come up from the economic instability they are in. An example of a developing country is
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The leader of this group, known as Sub-Comandante Marcos, gave speeches that were transmitted on live television from the jungle of Oaxaca. Nobody knew who he was or what his real name was; he would cover his face with a military balaclava mask in public, which became his iconic trade mark. This was only one example of how the living standards in Mexico were, and still are, bad today.
The other characteristics go together which are, the low levels of productivity and the high and rising levels of unemployment. Most immigrants that are in the U.S today is because of the high unemployment rate they face in their native countries and Mexico is one of them. The unemployment rate in Mexico has gone up from 5.17% in August 2013 to a 5.29% that was last recorded in September 2013 and their highest percentage being 5.93% as the all-time low; this was according to the study done by the trading economic page. Mexico is not far from their highest unemployment rate ever recorded that was in 1994. Most immigrant families find it easier to come to the U.S and find a job here then to try to find one in Mexico. This unemployment is generated by the low levels of productivity that happen in Mexico as well. Mexican companies are lowering the exportation of their goods therefore companies are in need of less product and personal.
Mexico has one of the highest population rates of the world higher than Canada and China. Mexico

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