Aging In Mansfield's Miss Brill, By Katherine Mansfield

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“Miss Brill” a wonderful story by Katherine Mansfield’s, is about an elder woman who is aging and so isolated, yearning to be a family of the community. She spends her regular Sunday afternoon walking and sitting in the park. She has a quite an imagination. She is also a tutor who teaches English. Aging is everyone’s destiny because it a process in our lives that everyone dreads the experience of. Imagine getting wrinkles that suddenly emerges on our face, hair turning grey, or even weight gain in places that we never thought would occur, those are the elements that stuck in our minds. Nonetheless, we also neglect to identify the particular things that are deeper within us. What exactly happens to our body when we get sick and weak especially when we age. Will it shut down and have us seek others help? Will our pride get in the way when we can’t even use the bathroom on our own? Will we be left alone feeling all depressed and lonely? Will we be a burden on our loved ones? So many questions cross those who dread aging. Aging truly create a major impact in our daily lives. However, surviving or enduring this alone can deplete us in the end. My mother is an ideal beauty of “Miss Brill”. She has now come close to aging where she also feels isolated and lonely. I hate to …show more content…
"Miss Brill" takes a gander at loneliness and false observations. Miss Brill herself imagines that she is trendy and looked upon with graciousness. Her epiphany comes when she catches a youthful couple discussing her and understands that she is only some blurred old lady that nobody thinks about. She doesn 't waver to go home missing her evening pie that she generally stops at the bread shop to get. Be cautious what you say, you never know who is tuning

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