Essay on Aging And Becoming A Grandparent

1578 Words Nov 27th, 2016 7 Pages
As a young adult, we are so focused on being “forever young,” that we do not think about aging and becoming an elderly at some point. We tend to postpone the acceptance of our old age for as long as possible. However, it is a very important and natural stage of life and something that should be more often acknowledged. Aging is a process that most individuals start preparing for early on in life, in ways like putting money aside for retirement, living a healthy lifestyle, or settling down with their significant other. Necessary decisions and precautions in relation to the steps towards aging and potentially becoming a grandparent are discussed on a deeper level. As I studied this topic, I learned so much more about the elderly that I did not know before and now better understand. Question One- Living with my grandparents has always been hard for me because I never understood exactly what elders go through on a daily basis. I say this because my grandparents acted as second parents to me rather than actual grandparents. At times they did not show me the comfort and love that I wanted and have seen other grandparents show towards others and me. However, after learning more about the elderly, I know now not to be as hard on them. Most grandparents just want what is best for their children and grandchildren and may show that in ways that they seem fit, whether we agree or not. Question Two and Three- Personally, I wouldn’t want my parents to live with me because it creates a…

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