Essay on Agile vs. Prescriptive Processes

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Agile vs. Prescriptive Processes
CS5704 - Assignment 1

Jitrat Jaidee Agile Software Development

Agile Development is one of the methodologies use in software engineering to help develops software. Today, there are a lot of different approach to Agile method. However, they all share the same value and principals. This method is value interactions over team and customer, workable software, and adaptable to change. Over the processes, documentation, contract, and plan. Agile developer also following 12 principle. 1, Their first priority is to delivery fast and quality software that will satisfy customer. 2, be adaptable to any change in requirement at any point in time, Agile development always
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It will guide the team through every single step. For example, waterfall model since It's one of the most traditional and efficiency processes in the classic software life cycle. In waterfall model, the progress consist of about 5 sequential step; Requirement, Design, Implementation, Verification, Maintance. Just like the name said this model process is like the waterfall, where you start with Requirement then go to Design progress and then so on. In this model, The team will stay on requirement until they have create good enough requirement and once they progress through this part, The team won't go back or revisit the requirement again unless there are some type of critical flaw in the Requirement.


From my understanding, in Agile Model are more dynamic where everything is flexible and it welcome all the change at any point in progress. The advantage of using this method is fast and stable delivery and constant interaction between developer and customer or every party involve. This will ensure that the software specification is right and customer will receive the right product. This type of approach would work greatly on small-middle size project, but, I don't think this approach will do well with large-scale development. Since, large-project mean large number of people working on the team. Agile principle

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