Aggression Of Children : A Trait That Is Picked Up By Children From Their Surroundings

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Aggression in children is a trait that is picked up by children from their surroundings and the people they interact with during their formative stages of life. Aggressive behavior covers a number of actions and habits that transcend through various modes of violence, such as bullying, physical fighting, verbal aggression and abuse, robbery, and the like (Felthous & Sass, 2007). The aggressive behavior as noted above starts from children when they begin to pick up different behaviors and mannerisms. Aggressive behavior starts from the early age and rises to its peak at around the age of four, after which it is expected to decline. During this period, the child is mostly at home and is given very little attention since the parents and other care givers at home have other activities to attend to (Smallwood, 2003).
Until children start school, aggressive behavior is usually explained as a phenomenon of age, as with the “terrible twos”, or gender, as with the saying, “boys will be boys.” However, it is widely proven that many aggressive, defiant children will continue this behavior in school after picking them from home up. However, when the children start going to school, the aggression begins to show because, in school, there are other children like them who have picked different mannerisms from their surroundings. It is only in school that aggressive behavior shows more consistently because the children are away from their parents and, therefore, have the freedom to do as…

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