Age of Reason Essay

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Age of Reason Essay In the book Age Of Reason, Tomas shares his and analysis on religion, mainly the, Christian and church. There is no the great and influence that these three have had on the of societies the. Pain argues that, to develop and hierarchy in and, have made up all religions. The churches do this by an authoritative truth about life that is in books that have been written by people on the word of authoritative truth is the only truth for those who truly faith in such, and to challenge it or even question it is challenging the word of god. Therefore, those who loyally practice their religion are unswervingly giving up their personal freedom to think and without worry of challenging their church’s authority; and have …show more content…
The Christian system calls the scientific findings “human inventions” (pg 27). As previously stated, it was the religious leaders who created an authoritative word of god. The scientific human inventions that they try to discredit are the accumulation of several scientists’ life’s work, and get us as close to the truth as possible. This is an example of the Christian Church abusing its authority, and discrediting any facts that could be a threat to the institution with factual contradictions. Further more, the Christian church, again, abuses of its authority by stating that anything can be proved from the bible (pg 52). However, much of the bible cannot be proven factual in a way that is accepted by any non-religious institution. These books claim to be the truth, when they are in fact an accumulation of borrowed works from other religions, and mythologies. The empirical falsehoods that take place in the New Testament are enough to discredit the whole book as the word of god. The books that have been mentioned in this essay are sometimes referred to as the book of revelations. These revelations can only be revelations to the god who’s words these book bear. When that revelation is passed on to a second person, it is no longer a revelation to the person who hears revelation first hand (pg 14). To accept the word of god from a source that is not god himself cannot be a revelation to the person who reads these books. To accept

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