Agape And Eros Love By Martin Luther King Essay

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Agape and Eros Love

In Martin Luther King’s Pilgrimage to Nonviolence he lectures about his theory that he believes would be successful in dealing with the world’s problems. He mentions different leaders who have inspired him to believe in the peaceful, non violent method and he explains the benefits of that theory. Near the end he mentions six basic aspects of this philosophy in which the fifth aspect talks about the three kinds of love, agape, philia, and eros. These kinds of love were put in to inspire the reader and open their eyes to the importance of getting along with their neighbor, despite their differences. By learning these kinds of love we get to understand the relationships of all people including those during Martin Luther’s time, but also in the movie Philadelphia. The three kinds of love all have many differences but they are all important to have in our lives. Eros love is a romantic love with a physical desire. This love can be between a husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, or like in the movie Philadelphia, between two men. Whatever the combination, the love is the same. Both people feel a great desire for each other and want not only for their partner to be happy, but they want to be happy with them. In Platonic philosophy eros meant “the yearning of the soul for the realm of the divine.” (King 75.)
This love brings two people together emotionally and sexually and is important for any healthy marriage to have. Eros is displayed in the movie…

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