Is The Death Penalty For It Or Against It?

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The Death Penalty: For it or Against it?
The death penalty is a preeminent debate right now in the U.S. Most Christians and other people have been debating about whether or not the death penalty is effective. According to the Webster 's Dictionary, the death penalty is punishment for a crime by death, also called capital punishment. Some people question whether or not the death penalty is considered a “cruel and unusual punishment,” as stated in the Constitution. When most people think about the death penalty, their thoughts usually lead to the words written in the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution, which states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” There has
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The same happens today. Many people who were found guilty were found innocent several years after they were killed. In the Bible, Jesus was a prime example of someone who received the death penalty, even though He was wrongly accused. He knew that He was dying to save the lives of everyone’s sins. According to the Constitution, it says that that would be considered a “cruel and unusual punishment.” The Bible isn’t always a clear checklist of exactly what to believe about this issue. It offers examples of both God offering His redemption to the people who have committed the sins, and then other people that He killed off immediately without allowing them to repent of their sins. Some people believe that the government does the death penalty to get revenge with the person who committed the crime. While it’s not our job to try to get equal with criminals by hurting them or even killing them, we have to be aware of how dangerous they are and have been. The death penalty should only be used for those who have committed heinous crimes. Many people say that the death penalty is still an appropriate way to apply justice and restrain evil in certain instances today. As of April 2016, Tennessee was the eleventh state out of fifty to have the most criminals to be sentenced with the death penalty from 1976. Tennessee had seventy-one to be killed since they started doing the death penalty. Since 2000, there has been six executions by lethal injection. The most common method used was the lethal injection, followed by electrocution, the gas chamber, hanging, then the firing squad. There were more women in Tennessee that received the death penalty during that time period than men. There has been an increase of two percent within the last twenty years for the amount of women killed by the death

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