Questions On Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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General Questions-
What is the basic idea? In Things Fall Apart, the basic idea is that historic African cultures have been portrayed wrongly in European literature and Achebe sets out to present the African culture of the Igbo people in its true form to both Africans and Europeans.
What is universal about the ideas in the book? The ideas in Achebe’s Things Fall Apart are universally held because they all relate to the corruption of a man and his culture. The corruption of the culture is provided by European missionaries and how the changes that they bring clash with the traditional values of the culture. The corruption of the man is brought upon by the high expectations that he sets for himself and ultimately lead to a tragic defeat.
Why does the author depart from the expected or normal? Chinua Achebe departs from the norms that writers often have in Things Fall Apart because of the
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In Achebe’s tale of twisted and unfortunate events, there is a tragic hero. The tragic hero sets Things Fall Apart aside from other stories because there isn’t anything happy or uplifting about the hero, he doesn’t give the reader any hope. Okonkwo can only be understood as a hero if he is looked on as though he is setting an example to the other members of the clan through his never ending ambition and strength. He spends his entire life trying to separate himself from his father and create a good life for him and his family, but ultimately fails in the end of the story and takes his own life as a sign of his own defeat.
The female characters in Things Fall Apart don’t offer very much significance at all in the story and don’t appear at all in part three of the story. Achebe only writes the bare minimum of what he needs to about the women then drops them to signify the use that the women served in the culture that the story was written about. Other authors might keep the female characters to display their importance however, Achebe does

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