Essay about African And South Afric The White Man 's Burden

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While many African states such as the Congo and South Africa are rich in natural resources such as diamonds and rubber, the media continues to depict Africa as a very poor continent in need of assistance from western civilization. This depiction stems from the stereotype of a “helpless African” and the ban on industrialization created by the colonial powers during colonization, along with the economic exploitation of Africa’s resources during and after the colonial period. Most of Africa is rich in natural resources; however, many of its countries have remained underdeveloped due to internal and external factors. One of the main arguments in favor of colonialism was the “white man’s burden” (“The White Man’s Burden”). The colonial powers promoted taking over Africa by framing it as the western countries having an obligation to bring civilization to the uncivilized. The Africans were depicted as barbaric, unreligious, uneducated, incapable humans who needed to be saved from their previous lifestyle. It was inconceivable that a different culture, like the cultures of Africa, could be equal to anything in Western society. Part of the reason the media continues to depict Africa as poor, or in need of saving, is that the old stereotypes still run deep across the world today. There are still “save Africa” campaigns today, yet few ask what western countries and learn from African nations. The depiction of a poor continent in the media stems from this stereotype along with the ban…

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