African Americans, Racial Discrimination And America 's Legal System

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African Americans, Racial Discrimination and America’s Legal System
The lack of trust by African Americans for the executive and judicial systems stem from racial discrimination and stereotypes within those systems toward African Americans. Injustices within the executive and judicial systems against African Americans can be found in the murder and assault of unarmed black teens Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Aiyana Jones and many others. A specific case of injustice and racial discrimination within the executive and judicial system is in the murder of seven year old Aiyana Jones in 2010. Aiyana was shot and murdered by Officer Joseph Weekley. Before, officers began to raid Aiyana’s home, they were warned there was a child in the home by Aiyana’s older cousin, Mark Robinson. As police officers held him onto the ground, their feet pressed to his back, Robinson yelled, “There are children in the house” but Robinson notes that he was ignored (Johnson, 31). Robinson accounts that police advanced into the house, he also states that soon after a gunshot rang out into the night. Following then was the cry of Aiyana’s grandmother screaming, “You killed my baby, you killed Aiyana” (Bukowski, 1). Joseph Weekley, murderer of Aiyana, claimed the grandmother grabbed for his gun, therefore making him shoot Aiyana. The lawyer of the Jones’ family, Geoffrey Fieger, thinks otherwise. In the article, “Aiyanna Jones’ Blood on Detroit Police Hands,” Stephon Johnson states that Fieger…

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