Essay on African Americans And The Civil War

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Thousands of years ago, blacks were held against their will to suffer in the pain of slavery, unfair Federal policies, and racial discrimination. They were stripped away from their families, worked to literal death, and treated as creatures. Treated as property, and dehumanized by the races that felt they were superior due to society. There were many events that occurred that assisted in the development of such issues at this time, however specifically the Civil War. African Americans were presented with such harsh living conditions, working conditions, and overall weakness in society mainly due to the color of their skin. It was not until much later in the 20th century that things began to look better as certain individuals took the leadership role, and became a voice of their people. This time was key to the African Americans bold enough to put effort in for change for the nation, and create a sense of unity and fairness amongst all. Generally throughout the nation, slavery had always been a huge issue since close to the beginning of time and civilization. Within The Souls of Black Folk, W.E.B Du Bois states, “Indeed, the characteristic of our age is the contact of European civilization with the world’s undeveloped peoples.” This highlights the effect Europe has had on the development of the current world, and how it has come about. The functions of slavery were first used within the 17th and 18th centuries in colonies in America. They first appeared in Jamestown…

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