African American Women Pursuing A College Education At A Predominantly Caucasian University

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There is a bridge. On the other side of the bridge is prosperity and wisdom. However, the bridge has holes in it. These holes will cause me to fall and no one knows where the fall will lead. I’m standing in the beginning of the bridge and I see hands in the place of the holes. These hands are the hands of my supporters, loved ones, and role models. The hands won’t let me fall and neither will I let myself fall. My grandmother recently told me that oppression is the inability to learn, and be educated. As an African American women pursuing a college education at a predominantly Caucasian university, I encounter acts of oppressions and discrimination on a day to day basis. These incidents range from minor micro-aggressions to just blatant acts of ignorance.
The general purpose for education is to encourage people to further themselves and in so doing, to secure their future. However, there are behaviors performed by others meant to discriminate or injure another person’s feeling due to them being of a different pigmentation. This is what is known as institutional racism. As a young women coming from a proportionally diverse environment I was not familiar with institutional racism. I knew racism existed and I had small counter acts of so. But, never would I have known that coming to Corvallis, Oregon from Los Angeles, California that I would have more stereotypes and biased titles placed on me than I ever had in my whole entire life.
“It sad to think that my child has to…

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