Essay on African American Vernacular English Definition

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A: African American Vernacular English definition.
B: Origins.
C: Societies’ opinion.

2-Body Paragraph 1: A: Some sided with AAVE B: AAVE is a rule-governed and systematic language. C: Examples that serve as proof.

3-Body Paragraph 2: A: AAVE’s effect on its speakers. B: AAVE speakers face difficulties in professional settings. C: AAVE speakers manage to switch from dialect to another in order to blend in.

4-Body Paragraph 3: A: Linguists suggest the use of AAVE in class. B: The Oakland school board attempts to use AAVE to improve SE. C: Discouraging attitudes prove to be obstructing the educational improvement .

5- Conclusion: A: Racism is still traceable in today’s societies. B: AAVE speakers who attempt to switch to SE risk rejection from their own communities. C: The attitude is stopping the progress.

The African American Tongue

AAVE is an acronym that stands for African American Vernacular English. It is a language mainly used by the urban working class or the bidilectal African American middle class. The origins of AAVE are a mater of debate. African American Vernacular English shares a large portion of its grammar with rural dialects of the southern United States and is characterized with pronunciation features that could be traced back to some creole languages in West Africa (Jones, 2014). A Creole origin hypothesis has been developed, proposing that it has English origins, noting that a large amount of its vocabulary…

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