African American Students At Unc Chapel Hill Essay

1007 Words Oct 20th, 2015 null Page
What causes people to act towards certain groups who may differ from them? For most, it is the experiences they are dealt with throughout their life, with even moments that seem insignificant having sizeable and long-term effects. These experiences can range from something that occurred to an individual in person or online, or secondary reactions to how a group behaves. With secondary reactions, it is important for one to note the importance of beliefs passed to individuals from parental, societal and peer figures, and how they can positively or negatively impact one’s attitude throughout life. By understanding the various experiences that impact one’s life, I feel both second hand, and specifically familial experiences, have played a negative role in my perception of African Americans and negatively influenced my cultural competence of these individuals. However, recent experiences and having conversations with African American students at UNC-Chapel Hill has been a positive influence on my life, providing me with the opportunity to become more aware of the problems these individuals and many others face on a frequent basis. As stated earlier, I had limited personal experiences with African Americans as a result of the community I was raised in, Weddington, North Carolina. However, there were a few African American students enrolled in the Weddington public school system. These students tended to socialize with other African American students, while white students mostly…

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