African American Soldiers ' Journey During The American Civil War

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This paper will examine African-American soldiers’ journey during the American Civil War. I took interest in this particular topic because I wanted to learn more about black men in war and how they fought for their freedom. For centuries white people used to own black people from Africa as slaves to satisfy their interests, whites believed they had authority above dark skin people because of their race. Thanks to the Emancipation Proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 black slaves in rebellion states were free from slavery and were able to join the Civil war.
Before black slaves were considered to participate in the civil war, the Confederate Congress passed an act authorizing the arming of slaves. Many were against the act because they thought the slaves were going to rebel against them and attack. The act was called General Orders No. 143 by the Confederate Congress. The act consisted of five sections explaining why the colored soldiers were needed in war as well as soldier’s rights during war and obligations. It also described how congress was going to manage the situation during time of war for their new colored soldiers. In section four of the act, it was written that if “President shall not be able to raise a sufficient number of troops to prosecute the war successfully and maintain the sovereignty of the States and the independence of the Confederate States, then he is hereby authorized to call on each State, whenever he thinks it expedient, for her quota…

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