Essay on African American Social And Political Thought Of Today

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Sayfur R Shuyeb
AFS 2210-001
African-American Social and Political Thought of Today
I might not be a person like Martin Luther King Jr., W.E.B Du Bois, Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, Bell Hooks, and Jesse Jackson, or I might not be a part of organizations like the NAACP, SCLC, Afro American Unity, and Black Panther Party, but if I ever get an opportunity to make a difference these people and organizations made to the lives of African-Americans, I would never hesitate to take it. Although, these people adhered to the different ideologies, they all are unique, as they all had a significant role in fighting against the struggles of African-Americans in one way or the other. It’s true that, these people were able to achieve the equal rights for the African-Americans of today, the struggles for the African-Americans are still portrayed in today’s society, especially the struggles with racism. With that being said, I find all of these ideologies equally necessary to fight against the racial inequality and injustice of the present time. Thus, I wouldn’t call myself specifically a black nationalist, a transformationalist, or an integrationist; rather I would characterize myself as a combination of all three ideologies. Nevertheless, some of the approaches were taken to face the struggle or some of the philosophies of certain people and organizations are still relevant today and remains important in the struggle against racial injustice and inequality.
Desegregation was one of…

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