African American Music And Its Influence On The World Essay

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African American Music: Over the years, African American Music has developed as not only as cultural but also artistic phenomenon affecting the world. The music takes its own stand of being dominant as well of having a prevailing means of expression through the use of the lyrics. The lyrics of many songs tend to use a specific type of language in order to create that connection between the listeners. This certain style of language helps the listeners to think on a deeper level about the actual meaning behind the lyrics. Music is used to express many different things such as religion and culture. African American music especially specialized in the religion and cultural aspect. In Africa, music plays a very important role in the manner people interact with one another. The way Africa play an important role is that it relays on historic events as well plays a functional role in society. Many songs are not just for entertainment, but in the African culture they are used to celebrate marriage, rites of passages, hunting, birth, traditional dance rituals, and even politics. African American music is divided into many subgroups that led to another style, which allowed empowerment. Such styles as spiritual, blues, jazz, gospel, r&b, and Hip-hop created an incredible history. “The blues used a very different style known as call and response, which specify the struggles the slaves faced”. (Gilbert, Darling, VonBerg, Hufft) Gospel came right after the end of slavery, it was…

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