African American Men 's Attitudes Toward Marriage Essay example

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Marriage today in the African American community has continued to drop, and as Perry mentioned in the article, African Americans has the lowest marriage rate in the United States (Perry, p. 183, 2013). In African American Men’s Attitudes toward Marriage (2013) Perry talks about the viewpoint that African American men have about marriage. Perry mentions that African American men placed a high value on marriage than any other races (Perry, p. 184, 2013). This was shocking because some African American men today are really not interested in getting married. Perry stated that African- American men who are financially stable are more likely to have a positive attitude towards marriage than younger African American men who were less financially stable.

Perry did a study that included a sample of one hundred and sixty one African American men. According to the results, African American men younger than twenty five had attitudes toward marriage that were less favorable than African American men who were ages twenty six to thirty nine and men who were ages forty and up (Perry, 2013). African American men who earned $0 through $24,999 had attitudes towards marriage that were less favorable than African American men who earned $25,000 through $49,999 and African American men that earned $50,000 and up (Perry, 2013). Perry also looked at the influence that parents have on African American men’s attitudes towards marriage as well. African American men whose parents never married or were…

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