Essay on African American Men And Women

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1. Both African American men and women were forced to do hard labor tasks by the Anglos. The white supremacists saw them as less of a person because of the color of their skin. This caused the African Americans to be viewed as product instead of a human being. When the slaves did not complete their tasks they were severely beaten in creative ways by their slave owners. Though both men and women had to do harsh labor, they still had a different experience with their owners. Women were often raped by their masters, which soon resulted in them having mixed children. The children of these relationships were a result of racial mixing.
2. Racist ideals often contribute to negative stereotypes because people are often falsely labeled by the white inferior race. In the past, Anglos have labeled African Americans as unintelligent people in order to make them feel superior. The Anglos made up propaganda in order to make it seem as if the African Americans were incapable of learning. Thus, many other Anglos actually bought on the false stereotypes. This soon started a chain reaction where a vast majority believed that the propaganda was true. Thus, individuals began to oppress African Americans because they were believed to not be human. Therefore, the Anglos used this as a reason to enslave them for labor. Many Anglos strongly believed that the African Americans were not capable of learning new concepts due to “genetic differences”. This reason eventually gave the Anglos another…

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