African American Experiences : Plantation Slaves, And Free Slaves

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Yes, it is true that depending on gender, skills, region, and time period slaves would be treated better or worst. However, the one thing all slaves had in common was the 5 pre-conceived stereotypes created by the whites. They believed Africans were evil because of their color. They also believed they were savages, nymphomaniacs, and animals. However, back in Africa, certain areas were urban, or agricultural. They were also religious, for example, they were Islamic, Polytheistic, or Animistic. Africa was a very complex continent. This paper will examine three different African American experiences: Plantation slaves, House Slaves, and free slaves. Additionally, this paper will analyze what their daily routine was like and what they would eat, live in, wear, and the type of labor they did.
To begin with, plantation slaves, which made up 75% of slaves, were the most unprivileged labor available. They usually would work in a gang system. This meant that they would have to work from sunup to sundown, with maybe a 15-minute break. Two common places that used plantation was Virginia and Carolina. Virginia plantation slaves worked on a tobacco plantation. Carolina model was based on rice plantations. This meant that the plantation was swampy, which attracts mosquitoes. Due to the mosquitoes, diseases such as malaria and yellow fever arose. Additionally, if a slave needed to leave the plantation they must have a white person or a document supporting the reason they were leaving. If…

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