African American Equality In The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison

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African American Equality

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1. Introduction
2. African American Equality
3. Conclusion
4. Works Cited

African American Equality
Like African-American culture, African American literature got spurred by the harsh realities of life that the Black community went through in North America. During these times, Whites subjected Blacks to severe pressures which inadvertently eroded their African identity. In particular, the notion that blacks were an inferior community only fit for slavery made it hard for Blacks to get educated and get treated fairly. The courts, slave owners and the vigilante forces would severely punish anyone that broke the rules set forth to suppress Blacks. However, the determination of Blacks to get equal treatment as Whites quickly established literacy among them, a move that ultimately became a political and economic backbone of the Black community. This paper compares and contrasts
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Tolson and Toni Morrison are some of the renowned writers who got the opportunity to get an education and mainly focused on African American equality in depth. Though their approaches differ, they particularly address similar issues. To start with, in “The Bluest Eye” Toni Morrison explores the aspects of the identity of women of African American descent. She explores the challenges of growing up in a society that equates beauty with blue-eyed whiteness. Morrison especially points out how the media, adult approval, and a dismissive tendency lead to self-loathing among Blacks due to the internalization of white beauty standards. She further illustrates the aggressive and destructive consequences of rejection as an African American female from a socially inferior class. Similarly, her latest novel “Home” majorly focuses on racial discrimination of a veteran of the Korean War, who was forced to question his identity upon the return to America (Krumholz

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