African American Civil Rights Movement Essay

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The Civil Rights Movement was considered one of the darkest moments in black history. Although African Americans were freed from slavery, their human rights were held captive. Despite the Supreme Court’s effort to afford blacks a fair education, white America contrived to devalue African Americans. Regardless of the systematic roadblocks in place African Americans always persevered. Instead of violence, African Americans used influence, political power, and protesting to voice their displeasures. This strategy angered many southern whites even more during this time.
Many of the social issues blacks faced could not be resolved without help from the local state or government officials. During the 1950’s and 60’s, blacks grew tired of not being included in shaping America’s future. Many of the southern whites did not want to see former slaves prosper and enjoy the same benefits as they did. In addition, the numerous bills Congress passed was either undermined or manipulated until it was ineffective. Was fear of black influence in America the cause of discrimination? Crimes committed against African American went unjust due to law enforcement being apart of the problem. Anne Moody writes about several of these instances while working in Jackson, Mississippi trying to get local businesses to support blacks right to be socially equal (Moody, 292). In spite of Moody’s support of blacks, many refused to be associated with her out of fear for their family’s safety. Due to her…

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