African American Civil Rights Movement Essay

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Increasingly, the progression of society has relied upon the presence of a phenomenon referred to as leadership. Frequently, this phenomenon aids in the creation of dynamic individuals known as leaders. Leaders are often shaped by the circumstances that affect their lives; thus, some individuals are born to inherit the role of a leader once those currently in power deem them ready; Other individuals are molded into leaders by their surroundings. The term “leader” is used to refer to these individuals because often they possess characteristics, such as charisma, that are ideal for guiding large sums of the population towards a common goal. With the presence of a leader, the completion of these common goals becomes more likely to occur. An example of where this principle can be seen in action is the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Despite being present since the 19th century, the African-American Civil Rights Movement had the greatest impact upon society during the 1950s to the 1960s. During this period, African-Americans residing within the United States fought against segregation and racial discrimination by utilizing various methods of protest. At first, the paradigm about African-Americans that existed within society was not affected due to the irregular patterns of protest used by African-Americans. This paradigm persisted until the emergence of an individual who could guide African-Americans occurred. With the presence of a leader, the African-American Civil…

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