Essay about Afric A Vast Number Of Natural Resources For Their Own Gain

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Although Africa has a vast number of natural resources and rich, as a whole they are in poverty and in crisis. Since the time of the colonization of Africa, Africa was exploited of their resources. Some of these countries only received their impendences in the 70’s and 80’s In modern times regime changes , company and government corruption, and organization lead to countries and companies exploiting Africa’s resources for their own gain. Like in ancient times before democratic elections happened in most countries now regime changes sometimes caused crisis. The next ruler was sometimes more corrupt and only cared about himself. During the 70s and 80s African leaders who couldn’t be persuaded by money were eliminated either by death or by take over this continuously happened during that time period. Countries in general like the had a large amount of coups during the lateral parts of the cold war. During the 1950’s to early 1990’s. Rebels and dictators were being armed in wars “Those wars and lack of stability triggered everything from poaching and land destruction to disease and starvation. By the early 80s, Africa had shot from mere poverty straight into the apocalypse” (Vice the Dark Continent). These leaders who were replaced by previous leaders who were taken out held loyalty to those who helped him to be in power. Leading to his country receiving a cheap deal or large chunk of money to himself. In which he doesn’t use to help his country. Countries who are…

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