Affirmative Action Based On Income By Nikole Hannah Jones And Richard D. Kahlenberg

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The articles “Class Action- A Challenge To Class-Based Affirmative Action” and “Affirmative Action Based on Income”, written by Nikole Hannah-Jones and Richard D. Kahlenberg, respectively, debate the merits of both affirmative action based on race and on socioeconomic class. Kahlenberg makes the claim that class is a bigger disadvantage than race in modern America to achieving a higher level of education. Jones, conversely, presents the counterargument that race continues to be the largest obstacle to higher education. While both Jones and Kahlenberg make good claims, it is Jones’ claim that stands stronger. Despite their differing opinions on what should be done with preferencing in admissions to schools, Kahlenberg and Jones share a few of the same opinions on the matter. For example, Jones concedes that “there is no doubt that the greatest imbalance in American colleges is not white versus black or male versus female. It is the wealthy versus everybody else.”(Jones, 2) Kahlenberg also admits that there is possibility of fault with his system when he states in his article that “it would be better if universities seeking had to vigorously pursue race-neutral alternatives such as socioeconomic affirmative action and could use modest racial preferences as a last resort.”(Kahlenberg, 2) Their acknowledgement that the other group faces obstacles as well as their own serves to show that they agree that there is a need for preferencing in college admission, and that they simply…

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