Affirmative Action And The Fight For Equality In Society

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Affirmative action has been a controversial topic in the society over the last few decades. The fight for equity and equality has led the heightening of the fight for equality and justice in the society. In this regard, there have been many fronts set up to have such policies well implemented in the society. The implementation of the policy has been an essential part of the society that has been debated for long. Among the many fronts upon which the affirmative action policy has been seeking implementation. Among the many fronts include public avenues such as public learning institutions such as universities as well as organizational employment sector. The international efforts to have the policy integrated in the national institutions a part …show more content…
Firstly, affirmative action ensures diversity in the working environment and thus facilitates the proper performance of an organization. Organizations that ensure affirmative action is followed have been established to have a better performance than those that do not have a balance in the workforce. Balancing the gender of workers in the society is essential to maintain the balance between the gender-based talents in the workforce. Research has shown that the female workers are more suited in working on jobs that involve secretary work as well as those that involve data entry (Guernsey, 1997, p. 56).
In addition, affirmative action is essential in the maintenance of a good public reputation. Institutions that observe affirmative action have been established to be more popular and favorite among the employees and job seekers than those that do not observe affirmative action. This is because a balanced work environment is more favorable to work in as compared to those that do not have the affirmative action policy. Workers find it more conducive to work in places where there is a balance between the number and genders of the workers working in an
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Since the field of affirmative action has not been a vibrant tool in the society, the new entrants and benefits of affirmative action have been aced by the challenge of resistance towards the adoption of the society (Lorin & Lauerman, 2014).
The implementation of affirmative action has been a major challenge that has caused much stir in the society. With the struggle for affirmative action on the rise, and the quest for freedom of the minorities has been a major prospective challenge in the society. This has been causing major challenges of insecurity due to the fact that most of such protests are normally done in a violent way. The fight for affirmative action is a war that could only be won through the relinquishing of the wrong perspectives regarding minorities in the

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