Pros And Cons Of Affirmative Action

Affirmative action has been a controversial topic in the society over the last few decades. The fight for equity and equality has led the heightening of the fight for equality and justice in the society. In this regard, there have been many fronts set up to have such policies well implemented in the society. The implementation of the policy has been an essential part of the society that has been debated for long. Among the many fronts upon which the affirmative action policy has been seeking implementation. Among the many fronts include public avenues such as public learning institutions such as universities as well as organizational employment sector. The international efforts to have the policy integrated in the national institutions a part …show more content…
Employing a certain fraction of the society along their genders normally leads to a large fraction of the society being unemployed. In cases where the an institution has employed male workers only, the rate of prevalence of the females would lead to a large imbalance and may in turn lead to other imbalances in the society such as insecurity as well as deviant behavior where the female unemployed population would be venturing in prostitution (Messerli, 2012).
Affirmative action has also been instrumental in the enhancement of the globalization. The unification of the bother the male and female working fraternities has been a vital tool that has enhanced globalization as the workers have been united that in the case that affirmative action is normally missing. The movement towards actualization of affirmative action has been vital in ensuring that there is unity among the employees. Such unity is, in most cases is extended towards the other elements of the society such as eradication of poverty, ethnicity among others (Messerli,
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The large number of challenges that have been experienced through the failure to implement affirmative action in the society have been piling to a catastrophic level. In most cases, the struggle for the implementation of the regulation has led to the destruction of public property as well as loss of lives. A careful analysis of the benefits of affirmative action as proposed reveals that the benefits that could be reaped from the same would far much outweigh the failure to implement it (Greenhouse, 2014).
To reconcile the society with the entails and perception of the affirmative action regulations, it would be vital for the society to have the stakeholders and forerunners to have a different approach taken. The prime and most effective way that one would evaluate the benefits would be to evaluate the benefits that could be accrued once the affirmative action regulations are implemented. Evaluation of these benefits would reveal that there are significant benefits that the society would get (U.S. Constitution,

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