Aerobic Exercise Vs Heavy Weight Essay

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Third, why some people workout so hard but still no curves? Because people have the misunderstanding that lifting weights will become hulk-like. However, lean muscle mass naturally decreases with age. All of those muscle loss along with ages will be replaced by fat if people do not workout, especially weight training. Weight training can help people reverse the trend — at any age. (Weight training: Improve your muscular fitness) Each running machine will display the time of workout and related burned calories. If people run at speed of 10 miles an hour, the burned calories of jogging are basically as same as eight minutes lifting which is around 230 calories. If one have more muscle, it will be easier and quicker to burn fat even he or she is sleeping. Because the muscle need energy to repair fibers after workout that require to consume fat. As for some girls who want to stay in safe zone that they are afraid of getting injured. Exercise and heavy weight do not hurt people. What hurts people is their wrong gestures. During lifting, one have to keep his or her rest short (30 sec) between his or her sets because short and intense workouts could stimulate fast twitch muscle fibers and burn fat and build muscles in right means. …show more content…
Aerobic exercise requires the movements of large group of muscle including arms, hips, legs and thus it can consume quite amount of energy and increase the flexibility. In addition, aerobic exercise could strengthen hearts. During the exercise, the amount of oxygen will be maximized because people would breath more frequently and deeply and thus hearts will beat faster. Those small blood vessels will be wider in order to transport more oxygen to muscles and bring away waste components. It is undeniable that such kind of exercise could improve the blood flow and give people a stronger heart. Nonetheless, all advantages of aerobic exercise are apparently all about

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