Aed 200 Contemporary Issues in American Education /Complete Clas

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AED 200 Contemporary Issues in American Education /Complete Clas

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AED 200 Week 1 Checkpoint - Teacher Certification and Licensure

AED 200 Week 2 Assignment - Multicultural Education Scenario

Read the following scenario: You are a second-grade teacher at Happy Valley Elementary School. You are teaching language arts and social studies. Your classroom of 21 students consists of 7 white students, 5 Latino students, 4 African American students, 3 Native American students, and 2 Asian students. Four of your students are identified as special needs, with one in a wheelchair. A few of
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From DQ1, describe how having school choice options affects the funding of schools. Do you feel that there is a positive affect or a negative affect? What were some opposing viewpoints of your classmates? What was their rationale behind their views? Your response should be 200-300 words in length.

AED 200 Week 4 Assignment - Students‟ Rights and Teachers‟ Responsibilities Scenario

Choose one of the following issues regarding students‟ rights and teachers‟ responsibilities:

o Random student locker searches without permission

o Student safety on field trips

o Student news articles and freedom of speech

• Answer the following: Explain the responsibilities you have as a teacher in the issue you chose. What are the students' rights? Do you have a responsibility to limit their rights?

• Write a 700-1,050 word paper answering the above questions. Identify the rights and responsibilities you will have as a teacher. How will your responsibilities as a teacher influence the rights of your students? Is it fair to infringe on students' rights for the sake of the learning environment? Why or why not? Describe your own personal experience where a teacher's responsibilities limited the students' rights. How were you involved? Then describe a situation in which the students‟ rights might override a teacher's responsibility to maintain a safe learning environment. Format your

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