Essay on Advertising : The American Free Market Economy

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Advertising is a staple in the American Free Market Economy; it is used by companies to persuade consumers to purchase certain products, as well as to educate consumers about the benefits of their product. Dozens of varying advertising techniques are used by marketing companies in an attempt to coerce potential buyers into purchasing products. These advertisements come in many forms and in such quantity that they are now a typical part of American day-to-day life. The typical adult is exposed to an average of 362 advertisements for every 590 minutes on media (Johnson). Advertising is so vital to the prosperity of a company and the promotion of the company’s products that marketers across the United States are spending billions of dollars for the ideal product positioning and consumer exposure to their products. A majority of the consumer demand in America for specific products stems directly from a company’s advertising campaign. The consumer dollar is a hard-won commodity, and companies are well aware of this fact. Therefore, they use every marketing technique and method available to them in an attempt to attract consumers to their products. There are dozens of distinct advertising approaches with which companies are able to gain the attention of their intended demographic to generate a profit. Patriotism is one such technique that many marketers use in the United States, and is achieved by implying that a certain product - whether the product itself or the way in which…

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