Advantages Of The Dimensional Approach Essay

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Pros of the Dimensional Approach
Three advantages of the dimensional approach will be discussed. Firstly, this approach is able to account for the high degree of heterogeneity and variations whereas the categorical approach failed to address (Esterberg & Compton, 2009). This approach is able to capture the “grey areas” and hence reducing the frequency of NOS uses. This provides more heterogeneous and valid treatments to subjects with the disorder rather than providing criterion-driven interventions (Andrews, et al., 2009).
Secondly, a dimensional approach serves to account for the co-occurring symptoms of disorders (Esterberg & Compton, 2009). This approach removes the excessive diagnostic co-occurrences and introduces a clearer rating on co-occurring symptoms by only measuring one severity score for each symptom (Helzer, Kraemer, & Krueger, 2006). This allows clinicians to create diagnostic profiles that are patient-specific where treatments can be established on an individual bases, accounting for the full range of symptoms the subject is experiencing (Helzer & Hudziak, 2002). Therefore, comorbidity can be better accounted for by the dimensional approach.
Thirdly, a dimensional approach has strong diagnostic validity which predicts symptoms and treatment outcomes of disorders (Esterberg & Compton, 2009). This is due to the high stability in explaining clinical symptom variances which helps in increasing clinical utility of the approach.
Cons of the Dimensional Approach…

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