Advantages Of New Opportunities Essay

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New Opportunities

When is the best time to travel? Everyone loves to travel and we like to visit different places. World is so big, and there are new chances for everyone. When people finish high school, some of them want to get a break between school and college, and they are right. The best time to travel is when people are young and they have time. Taking off a year is a good decision because people can see the world, have new experiences and get rest before college. Other people say that taking a year off is a bad idea. They say that students get lazy after the break and they don’t want to study. Also, students can forget about college and just live in that place where they went for the break. Many people who take a break for a
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Seeing new things when people are young is the best thing because they have more energy and an open mind to the world. When people are young, they see the world differently, not like adults see it. When people enter college, they get exhausted, and the world isn’t the same as it was when they finished school. Mariya two years ago took a break and she decided to see the world. She took a break for a year, and made a huge plan what she will do on the break. First she visited Italy, and France. She visited many famous places in these counties. Also, she visited Germany and UK. After one year of traveling, she entered college and now she is happy that she took a break before college. School is a game, but college is real life with problems and decisions. So students need to think about their break and their …show more content…
Many people choose to get a break before college and that is right. Getting energy for college is good for people. They feel that they are ready to learn new things better after the break, not when they are after school. Everyone needs a little time for themselves and that time is before college, because when people enter college, it is hard to get rest and travel. When people travel they don’t need to learn. Oksana took off a years in 2012, she had a hard time in her life. She had a depression and she got fat in the last years. So she decided to take a break. For that year she when to a psychologist and she started to be more active. It was a years for herself. She found her love and she lost weight. Also the psychologist helped her to understand that she is strong and she can go to the real life. After a year she entered college and now she is happy. A break is the time when people are free and they can do everything they want, and sleep as much as they

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