Advantages Of Local Seo For Small Businesses Essay

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The Powerful Advantages of Local SEO for Small Businesses – And Why It’s Infinitely Better Than ‘Regular’ SEO!
SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is the act of trying to ‘optimize’ a website for Google and other search engines. This in turn should mean – if all goes to plan – that the website shows near the top of the page when someone searches for related terms. While it’s rather complicated, the process effectively involves adding content to a website with important ‘keywords’ throw in for good measure and it means building as many ‘in bound’ links as possible (links on other sites that send visitors to your content).

In theory, SEO is immensely powerful. With a very low cost of set-up, SEO promises to greatly increase the number of people visiting your page which can translate to lots more sales, clicks and subscribers.

Unlike advertising, you are onlypaying for the labor costs – and once you stop the benefits will still remain ensuring that traffic keeps flooding in for months or years afterwards.

That’s the good stuff. That’s why so many companies invest so much money in SEO.

But there are problems as well…

Why SEO is Problematic for International Business
For international companies selling products or services, SEO has become increasingly challenging. The main issue has always been the sheer amount of competition. You want to get to the top of page one on Google for the term ‘IT support’? Sure… but then so do millions of other companies. And some of those…

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