Criminal Profiling Advantages And Disadvantages

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Criminal profiling refers to a tool implemented in analytical psychology. Just like any other scientific tool, criminal profiling has its disadvantages. The disadvantages influence the validity, reliability, and utility of the technique, making it to be classified as a tool rather than science. For one to be conversant with the validity, reliability, and usefulness of this tool, understanding its definition is crucial. Criminal profiling refers to the procedure of categorizing personality mannerisms, behavior inclinations, and demographic variables of a criminal basing on the characteristics of the crime (Bartol & Bartol, 2012).
It consists of the actions of a given crime as explained by an eyewitness, existence of physical evidence, or a confession
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Criminal profiling is not reliable in some cases because different psychologists may provide varied diagnosis on autopsies even when they are given similar information regarding the cause of death of an individual (Miller, 2011). In the event that they produce similar diagnosis, then their opinions would be considered reliable. However, research explains that the opinions of differing psychologists will always conflict, as they will all have varied conclusions on how the victim was killed. Therefore, it is evident that this technique is unreliable in producing consistent results. The other difficulty in criminal profiling is the ability to link the evidence at the crime scene to an accurate profile without guessing or making assumptions (Miller, 2011). When creating an offender profile, personality and behavioral traits are the key factors; however, a person experiences many forms of moods and this probes the validity and reliability of using the two factors. Moreover, different persons have varied personalities depending on the circumstances they …show more content…
Profiling is important in different platforms such as autopsies, psychological profiling, suspect-based profiling, and geographical and mapping profiling. Criminal profiling helps law enforcers to be quick in their investigations; hence, saving lives as well as resources. Profiling helps them to build and solve cases even with little or no physical evidence. Criminal profiling has been embraced by the entertainment industry as a technique in many television programs and movies. However, the industry portrays the technique as an exciting and glamorous activity, which has little to do with the reality of the technique. In that regard, profiling may not address the interests of all cases but should be employed in solving some criminal

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