Advantages Of A Feminist Perspective Within Criminology Essay

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What are the advantages of including a feminist perspective within criminology?
Feminist criminology is a social and political movement and is a theoretical approach which did not arise up until the 19th century and continues to develop within modern criminology. However Marxism and functionalism was first introduced within criminology during the 18th century which was the most dominant perspective and a positivist approach to crime. During the 18th century criminological thought was gender biased as most theorists where males studying male crime therefore creating a masculinity criminology. Criminology focused on male crime causing female crime to be predominantly ignored within the history of criminology. There are many types of theories of male crime such as Marxism, functionalism, labelling theory and sub cultural theories. During the 19th Century feminism was introduced with multiple feminist perspectives such as traditional feminism, radical feminism, Marxist feminism and black feminism. Each theory involves different approaches to female criminality, gender inequalities and women’s oppression (Burgess, 2006).
Feminism first arrived with first wave feminism which involved the suffragette movement bringing about female rights to vote and gender equality. At the beginning of the 19th century white middle class women protested for freedom and democracy with banners, parades, marches and picketing. This shocking behaviour inspired other feminist movements such as the…

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