Essay on Advantages & Disadvantages of Tourism

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1. Tourism provides foreign exchange (US dollars) which allows:

i) The government to pay bills such as:
a) Allows government to pay foreign debt.
b) Allows the Bahamian dollar to stay on par with the US dollar.
c) Allows government to pay the thousands of persons employed in government their monthly salaries.
d) Allows government to have money to do road works, school construction and all other governmental works.

ii) Allows Bahamians to go shopping abroad to buy goods and send their children to school, as long as the US dollars are floating in the Bahamian economy easily.

iii) Foreign Exchange allows for the easy importation of goods and food.

2. Tourism provides
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2. Some say that Tourism has diminished the desire of Bahamians to listen to Bahamian music. Many Bahamians would prefer to listen to some rapper or R&B singer rather than a Bahamian artist singing Bahamian music.
3. Some say that Tourism has caused the crime rate in the Bahamas to increase. This is closely related to shifts in the population see below.
4. Some say that Tourism has influenced the manner in which Bahamians dress. If you ever see a young Bahamian with his pants hanging really low down on his hips, with a cap on his head that still has the tag on it, this was not traditional Bahamian dress. If you see Bahamian females wearing long boots of any style even when it is not cold outside, this was not originally Bahamian.
5. Some say that Tourism has influenced the manner in which Bahamians speak. The Bahamian vocabulary has over the years become ever so more colourful as “curse words” used by some tourists who have visited the shores of the Bahamas have been adopted by some Bahamians.
6. Some say that Tourism has caused a large shift in the population of the Bahamas. That is, many persons in the Out Islands have been forced to leave their islands to work in Nassau/Paradise Island or Grand Bahama because these were the islands in which they could find jobs. This shift in the population in itself has several disadvantages:
i) The shift in the population has caused Nassau/Paradise

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