Advantages And Disadvantages Of Video Games

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I start playing video games when I was eight years old. I use to play with computers at first. I did not know about PlayStations or any other video game system. I asked my aunt to buy me a PlayStation 2 when I saw it in the super market in Africa I was curious about it because it was kind expensive and looking interesting. Most video games have disadvantages and advantages. Most parents look at the disadvantage and they feel differently than the way we feel about video games. Some video games have very important rules suck as “age limits or how long you should play”. I am interesting in video games because video games are an important part of my life. Actually, my mother feels the opposite. She don’t like video games and most …show more content…
Most of my friends do not play a lot of games. And I want to know what makes me different from them. A lot of people say that video games make you isolated. For example; spending less time in other activities such as doing homework or reading, playing sports, or interacting with the family and friends, for me; video games make me feel like a leader and a part of something, I like working together and video games made that possible giving me chance to work with friends and introducing me many people that I don’t know around the world. I only play video games three days and all the other four days I do my school and work. That make me have power over myself and my actions of video games. Knowing more about video games will help me if am looking after myself or if video games over taking me. It turns out that games do provide a valuable service to each and every player, even ones who kind of suck at it. They provide a quick and easy way to light up the pleasure centers in our brain, activating the positive chemical mixtures typically produced only when we do something really …show more content…
When children play video games it gives their brain a real workout." In many video games, the skills require to win involves abstract and high level thinking. Also video games can help planning, resource management and logistics. Players learn how to manage resource that are limited and decide the best use of resources, the same way as in real life. Video games help kids to develop reading and math skills. The players reading to get instruction , or by following storylines of games, also using math skills is important to win games for example analysis like managing resource. Kids who playing video game, when playing some games for example call of duty or battlefield they help the player to effectively judge the information should be stored in his or her memory and what can be discarded considering the task hand, according to studying published in the psychological research. One of the benefits that I feel like is one of the most important thing is that video games can make kids creative. A study by the Michigan State university children and technology project found a relation between video games playing and greater creativity, regardless of gender, race or type of video games played. Also video games can improve kid’s decision making them speed up. People who play action video games

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