Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional Classroom Teaching

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Traditional classroom teaching has played a great role in promoting knowledge diffusion and promoting social progress. But traditional classroom teaching has many disadvantages. With the advent of the internet era, there is a new form of class- online class. “Some argue that the online environment can be an equal or superior medium for education due to its flexibility and student-centered approach”, Adam and his fellows said. we clearly see that the new internet teaching model has indeed achieved fruitful results and has achieved unprecedented teaching results.
Actually, each one of them has advantages and disadvantages. We should think to adopt their good points and avoid their shortcomings. For traditional classroom teaching, there are some deficiencies such as students lack motivation, it is fatal weakness, the advantages of online classroom can offset some fatal weakness of traditional classroom. The online classroom will become the better teaching environment. Next, I compare the characters of traditional classroom education mode and online classroom education mode. According to these studies, I find that online classroom is better than traditional classroom.
As is well-known, online learning is to get knowledge and
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Firstly, when it comes to management, traditional classroom teaching is more dominant. Students usually have a fixed classroom. It helps teachers to manage students easily. Traditional classroom is usually organised by teachers. It can govern disciplined students. Teachers can control and influence students’ learning. It is very important for students to take the initiative to learn (Black, et al). However, if there are not teacher to command and arrange task, students will assume responsibility for learning process by themselves (Driscoll, et al). Many students cannot do it, they need teachers’ help. If students learn online, some of them maybe idle. It is not good for the growth of

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