Advantages And Disadvantages Of Portfolio Assessment

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This gives the evaluator a clear picture of the student’s cognitive and problem solving processes, and therefore renders the final product not totally important (contrary to the case in written testing). This becomes very useful in identifying both student and teacher weaknesses. Because the teacher can pinpoint exactly where the student diverted from the correct way of completing a certain task, the teacher can modify his future lessons to accommodate for any shortcomings in either the teacher or the …show more content…
Even though this article deals specifically with the field of nursing, it has implications in the field of education. Morrison, K. (2003). What else besides grading? Looking for alternatives in all the right places. Paths of Learning, (16), 26-33. Retrieved February 17, 2004 from Academic Search/EBSCO database. This journal article explores the effectiveness of traditional testing styles and describes and introduces some examples of alternative assessment. Ryan, J., & Miyasaka, J. (1995) Current practices in teaching and assessment: What is driving the changes? NASSP Bulletin, 79(573), 1-11. Retrieved March 8, 2004 from Academic Search/EBSCO database. This article discusses major changes brought about by alternative assessment as a replacement for traditional assessment (written testing) in secondary schools.

Chriest, A. & Maher, J. (n.d.). Portfolio assessment. Retrieved April 25, 2004, from This website, maintained by Prince George’s County Public Schools, describes student portfolios as a means of assessment. It also discusses proper uses of portfolios and how they can prepare students for standardized

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